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How To Fade Jeans

How To Fade Jeans

To experiment fading a pair of jeans, make sure you use an old pair first and see what it finally looks like and then you can try fading your expensive pair of jeans.

I've really been there working for Sonostag. Sonostag works for different denim of jeans, pants from around the world as consultants and has a store in London. We're going to show you how to look after your jeans and get the best from them.

I'm going to show you how to fade jeans. It's very easy. First of all, we want to know where you want to go so basically if you want very, very intricate fade or you want a slightly simpler fade, so this would be slightly more simpler if you want slight deeper fades on.

Normally, people want a faded jean to make you look like a old pair of vintage jeans from a dark point of view. So you have a dark pair of jeans, you want to fade now. So it's very, very simple again.

Some people will use things like sand paper which I'm very resistant to. You can actually do it in different ways, so sand paper is one way that you can use to wither down the areas that you want to fade down. And you're taking some of the fabric away.

By doing that, it weakens the fabric. There's other ways of doing it which will actually mean that you use your hands and perhaps an abrasive cloth like a sack cloth. You wet the jean and you let you work here like a glove with a sack cloth in it and you wither it down.

Some people will use soap. There are different ways. It's quite an enjoyable experience to see what happens when you different things.

No jean is the same so it's very hard to say that if you use a sack cloth that is the end result because you may have a different pair of jeans in your hand which is a different composition of fabric. So it's very, very, very individual but the idea is that you work out roughly where you want the fading to happen. Normally around the knees is the key point, around the pocket area, the inside of your bottom leg.

They're certain points of jeans so if you take an old pair of jeans which is naturally organically faded down and you put that by the side and you work out where the new pair of jeans needs fading. You work in those areas so you see the back crop, the jean there, around the seat, you see the back of the knee and round the knee at the beginning there. So those are the areas you work the most.

You rinse it down eventually when you think you have achieved closer results, you wash jeans down to see where it's at and then you keep repeating the process. It's very, very, easy process because it's experimentation. Make sure you use a pair of jeans that you're not too bothered about because if it's too expensive of jeans, and if you get it wrong, you won't be very happy.

And that's how you fade a pair of jeans. .