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How To Feather Hair

How To Feather Hair

Here, you are given instructions on how to cut someone's hair in a feather style. It's important to make sure you hold the razor tight to the hair but not too tight. You don't want to slice through the hair.

I'm now going to demonstrate how to feather someone's hair. So, first of all, ensure the hair is straight. You can feather curly hair because you can't actually see where you're actually working from.

So, once you've straightened the hair, you can see you've now got an even neckline so I'm going to feather all this hair. So, you get a small bit with a comb; keep your texture up really firm on the person's hair and slowly razor. Use your fingers, keeping the hair taut to your hand.

Keep the hand firm. Keep the razor moving. Make sure you don't go into too much pressure with your razor.

If you put too much pressure on your razor, it's going to go straight through the hair. So, all the time, keep pressure on but not too hard on the hair, takes all that bulk away, and you can see you've got a nice soft finish coming on your neckline. And I'm also going to demonstrate how you would get a nice feathered fringe.

So, once you've got all this tapered down, all right, I'm just going to feather this side area now a little bit. So, again, with the same pressure holding the hair, keep it taunt to the razor and again, don't go in blunt. You're going to slide your razor down.

Turn the model around and I'm now going to feather into the lady's fringe. So, again, got my razor because I'm going to be taking from limp fringe just at an angle, I'm going to razor on the diagonal to feather the fringe. So, I've now got a nice sweeping action in the fringe.

Keep on the diagonal to blend it in to the hairline. Now, I've got a nice sweeping fringe. .