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How To Feed Cactus

How To Feed Cactus

How To Feed A Cactus: If you're so bad with plants that you can't even keep a cactus alive, this is the tutorial for you. A professional tells you what to feed one, how to apply the food, and how often.

Hello. I'm Mike, and welcome to Camden Garden Centre. I'm going to give you some help with some gardening advice.

What you'll need is a cactus, a proprietary cactus feed, and water. You only feed cacti in the summer months, when it's hot and sunny. And, if you read the instructions, in this particular case you use one measure of the fertilizer to one liter of water.

So that's a measure of the fertilizer. I've already put a liter of water in here. I now need to just swirl the watering can around a little bit to dissolve the fertilizer, and then apply it directly to the pot.

Try not to get it on the leaves. Then you can feed the cacti probably once a month throughout the six months of summer. And this will ensure healthy growth and better resistance to pests and diseases, and good color in the cacti as well.

And that's how to feed a cactus. Easy!.