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How To Feel Better About Your Body

How To Feel Better About Your Body

Watch the VideoJug guide to improving your body image, with advice on boosting self esteem and learning to accept your body as it is. Feel better about your body with our help.

Step 1: Body image

We are constantly exposed to unrealistic body images by the media and society, and even friends and family.
Most people will never be able to achieve the body types of models. Etc
Everyone is different. Don't compare yourself to these images.
Be realistic and realise that you cannot change your basic body type - this is genetic. Work with what you have instead.

Step 2: Be positive

Think about the the things you like about your body - everyone has something. Beautiful eyes? Good skin? Hair? Even make a list of these qualities.
Take pride in these things.
Think about good, positive things your body has done for you - like fought an infection, given you a child, etc. and be grateful for your body.
Use affirmations - keep telling yourself your body is beautiful/attractive.
Ask your family/friends for encouragement and support.
Focus on how you want your body to feel - strong, energised - rather than on how it looks.

Step 3: Treat your body well

Listen to your body's needs - eat when you're hungry, rest when you're tired.
Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable. But don't try to hide your body in baggy clothes because you feel embarrassed. Ask friends/family's opinions on what type of clothes compliment your size and shape.
Pamper your body - massage, warm bath etc.
Do exercises that make you feel good - yoga, stretching, swimming. etc.
Physical touch is also good for the body - whether it's your partner, or hugging a child, or stroking an animal.