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How To Feng Shui - Bedroom Art

How To Feng Shui - Bedroom Art

In this VideoJug film, Suzanne Harper, author of The Feng Shui Wealth Guide, gives you tips on how to use the art of Feng Shui in your bedroom to promote harmony in your life and improve your opportunities for romance and love.

Hi. My name's Suzanne Harper, I'm the writer of The Feng Shui Wealth Guide and I'm going to talk to you today about different aspects of Feng Shui and show you how easy it is to make simple changes that attract more positive circumstances into your life. Hi, my name's Suzanne Harper and I'm going to talk about Feng Shui and bedroom art.

Feng Shui is about balancing your space. The words mean wind and water, and it's about creating harmony in your life and creating more opportunity for love and romance. Hopefully, you're doing it to improve the situation in your bedroom, both in terms of you going to sleep and in terms of your having your fun.

What do you need? Ideally, a semiprecious stone, preferably Rose Quartz, which is considered the stone of romance, you may want some candles and you may like some couple artwork. In terms of pictures, you may find that you want pictures that have a distant view if your bed faces the wall. Certainly try and pick artwork that has pairs in it as well as couples.

I'm going to talk about what to avoid as well. What you want to avoid in the bedroom is pictures of figures on their own, a solitary person walking down a beach or climbing a mountain. Also, please, no water pictures in the bedroom.

Water symbolizes emotion and normally in terms of sleep, perhaps less emotion would be a better thing than more. Also, any religious pictures, please move to other areas of your house. This is about your earthly, physical relationship and your relationship with yourself rather than your relationship with God or the beyond or your maker.

Pictures of children ideally would be in your living space, in your living room, in the kitchen, around the stairs, rather than in your bedroom. No mirrors in your bedroom, please. If you have any, please remove them.

What they do is they bring interference in your love life and this is not what you need. If you're a single person and you have mirrors in your bedroom, what will happen is the people you attract will all be involved in other relationships. Think about what you want here.

Symbolism of three is also best kept for other areas of your house, you want symbolism of two. So, yes to couple artwork, yes to distant view pictures. Any symbols of romance.

The classic Chinese one is the symbol of double happiness. Any photographs of yourself as a couple displayed in the bedroom. All are good.

Health, wealth and happiness. If you'd like any further information and to find your Kua number, please log onto the fengshuiwealthguide dot com. .