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How To Feng Shui - Desk

How To Feng Shui - Desk

To get the right environment and lighting for your office, do follow the Feng Shui tips on how to position your desk and also follow the daylight tips for your desk.

Hello. My name is Sara McAllister. I'm the founding director of Feng Shui Agency and delighted to give you some general tips but please note that they are not subsitutes of professional Feng Shui consultant's advice.

So, here's some tips on how to Feng Shui your desk. What you'd really need to do is put the desk so that the wall is behind you okay. And also have a really nice tall back to your chair.

What this does, is it puts you in a commanding position within the room, okay. It also protects your kidneys which are really vital for you health and you find Chinese women will wear little belts around them in the winter to keep the kidneys warm. And it's the same with a solid wall behind you and also with a high chair, it's supporting the kidney, okay.

Now, the actual orientation of the desk can be fine-tuned by using a compass, but we never achieve a fantastic angle at the expense of good form, okay. You always have good form, you want to have the door away from you. You don't want to be too close to the door and you just want to have a sense of security so you are commanding the room, okay.

It's also really good to have high quality lighting. There's a lot of daylight simulation lamps. This is a daylight lamp here and also you can get angle-poised lamps which will provide task lighting and it imitates natural daylight which is really important especially in office environment where you're inside from nine to five and there may not be natural lighting.

It's also really good to be able to see your colleagues rather than being in your own little booth where you can become quite isolated. Booths are great for times when you need to concentrate but in general, open-plan offices are far better for communication particularly when you see the others across from you and don't have your back to your colleagues. That's one of the worst things that you can do. .