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How To Fight Like Bruce Lee

How To Fight Like Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee is one of the most famous and admired martial artists and actors. This trainer will give you some tips on how you can train and fight just like the master!

If you want to fight like Bruce Lee, essentially, you have to train like Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee was a pioneer in a couple of ways. Firstly, in the type of fighting he employed, which we will talk about in a second, and also the way he trained.

So, we'll talk about the way he fought. Now, Bruce Lee started off as a street fighter in Hong Kong and he went over to study philosophy in San Francisco. While at the university, he was training students and actors in California on how to fight.

He was using mainly Wing Chung Kung Fu which is what he grew up training. It is a style of Kung Fu which is very, very fast and very good, actually. Even nowadays, it's very effective.

The main thing is speed with very quick hands. Now, over the years, when he got to his late twenties, he started to develop new ways of fighting. He actually was what many people regard as the first mixed martial artist, because he looked at wrestling, he looked at Jiu Jitsu in particular, and boxing and added that into his Wing Chung.

Now, he invented a martial art called Gi Kong Do which means the art of the intercepting fist which is essentially a very, very dynamic, a very aggressive martial art where you, at all times, look to attack. When someone goes to punch, you attack. When someone tries to kick, you attack.

There is hardly any defense at all. The idea is you strike and knock him out cold as soon as you possibly can. Now, if you look at the way Bruce Lee trained, he was one of the first guys who truly believe in cross training and that means doing different types of training rather than doing just Gi Kong Do or just doing martial arts.

He got into running probably towards the late sixties. People didn't really run then that much. He got into power lifting.

No one did power lifting then. He did yoga. He did all kinds of stuff to really have toned and changed his body.

You've seen pictures of Bruce Lee. He is incredibly toned and very low body fat and also incredibly powerful. He famously could do two fingered push-ups.

Very, very difficult! So if you train like that, five or six hours a day, completely commit yourself, learn, I'd say, nowadays, learn mixed martial arts. You could learn Gi Kong Do, but finding a good quality instructor is very hard. If you do those two things, learn mixed martial arts and train very hard and you will come to fight a bit like he fought.

And those are some tips on how to fight like Bruce Lee. .