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How To Fill Your Petrol Tank

How To Fill Your Petrol Tank

Learn how to fill your car with petrol in a safe and effective way. Let VideoJug show you how to do this simple task properly, saving time and money.

Step 1: You will need

  • 1 pair of protective gloves
  • sufficient funds

Step 2: Locate the petrol tank filler

Make sure you know which side of your car to fill the petrol in. Find the petrol tank door first if in doubt.



Avoid fire hazards !
Extinguish all cigarettes before entering a petrol station. Do not smoke on the premises.

Drive responsibly and look out for pedestrians. Respect traffic signs and do not block access and exit routes.

Step 4: Approach the appropriate petrol pump

Be sure which kind of fuel is used in your car. Drive up to the appropriate petrol pump.
See that your car's fill spout is facing the pump that has the right fuel for your car.
Leave enough space between your car and the pump so you can move without restriction. Make sure you leave enough space for other cars to pull up at the other pumps.

Step 5: Create a secure environment

Take extra care in service stations.
Close all the windows on your car.
Shift automatic cars into the parking position and manual cars shift into first gear.
Put on the parking brake.
Turn off the ignition. Double check your car and all its electric devices are turned off before filling up with petrol.


Avoid potential static electricity problems at the petrol pump.
Once outside the car stay outside. Do not re-enter the vehicle during refuelling. Built-up static electricity from the seats may discharge at the nozzle. Although explosions of this type are rare, it is best to avoid any risks. Have everything you need at hand so that you don't need to return to the car. If it's necessary to get back into the car you should always discharge first by touching a metal part of the vehicle with a bare hand. Upon getting out of the vehicle touch the door handle facing away from the fill point.
Turn off your mobile phone. Electromagnetic waves from a phone could ignite fuel fumes.

A useful tip! Make sure you comply with the terms and conditions of the petrol station. Ask an attendant if you are unsure about anything regarding payment policy or fuel selection. Check if advance payment is required.

Step 7: Open the petrol tank door

Tank doors on older cars are usually opened by hand, often with a key. On newer cars, you may have to release the door with a button inside the car.

Step 8: Remove the filler cap

Unscrew the cap of the petrol tank.
Put the petrol cap in a safe place where you won't forget it.

Step 9: Select the required fuel type

Choose the pump handle for the fuel you need. You may have to indicate the fuel type and the pump's number to an attendant in order to be able to operate the pump. Advance payment may be required before the pump is ready for use.
Double check you have selected the correct fuel type. Work out if your car uses diesel or petrol, if it needs petrol find out whether it is regular, premium, or super.


Always fill up with the correct fuel type.
Double check petrol requirements, particularly if you are driving a hire car and it is your first petrol stop.
Never put diesel fuel in a non-diesel engine as this will lead to engine breakdown.

Step 11: Top Tip!

Use only fuel with the required octane number. 98 octane petrol in a 95 octane engine will not increase car performance, it will only increase your petrol bill.

Step 12: Insert the petrol pump nozzle

Lift the pump handle off its stand. Make sure the counter resets to zero- you don't want to pay extra.
Avoid fuel spills from the start. Keep the handle upright so no fuel can spill. Insert the nozzle securely into the filler hole by firmly pushing it in all the way

Step 13: Operate the pump

Press the lever or the switch