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How To Find A Husband

How To Find A Husband

It can be hard to find a man at all, let alone one you want to marry. But Love Doctor Sam Van Rood is here to give you tips from his book, Teach Yourself Flirting, on how you can find a man whose real marriage material. So watch with VideoJug and see how to find a husband.

Step 1: Why do you want a husband?

As a modern, independent woman, it might be surprising to some that you want to get hitched. An important first step is to work out what you want.

Write a short list of reasons why you want a husband. If you know what you want him for, it'll be much easier to find a man that fits the bill. Include some key characteristics that your target must have - perhaps they must have green eyes, brown hair, and enjoy fine wines. Keep the list short, focused and achievable - everyone would love to marry someone with a washboard stomach and an immaculate credit rating, but sometimes we have to compromise.

Step 2: Plan it like a military operation

Planning the marriage campaign is essential, and will allow you to be in control of your manhunt. Set yourself a deadline; flexible enough to adapt to changes, but rigid enough to get the job done.

Perhaps you could give yourself twelve to eighteen months of dedicated searching. Break this deadline down into steps. Give yourself three months to cast the net wide and ask lots of people out. Refine this choice in the next couple of months until you find someone suitable. Repeat the process as necessary.

Mining your friends and family for potential husbands can also be a winner. Some experts even suggest sending out mailshot surveys which invite responses from your address book. The more people that know that you are looking, the wider your search net!

Step 3: Look in the right places

In the first place, work out the places where your sort of husband might gather. If you're looking for a husband to provide you with financial security there's no point hanging around your local art school or poetry club. You need to get into high society, whether through hanging around celebrity hangouts like the Ivy in London, or taking the shortcut by using a millionaire dating website like sugardaddie.com or millionairecupid.

Keep a lookout for social events that will be packed with your type of man. This will allow you to mingle with a large number of potentials. Get lots of numbers, and follow up dates quickly.

Look close to home, many husbands can be found just right under your nose. What about that cute barman at your local? Or that ex who wasn't quite right at the time. Re-consider people you might have ruled out in the past, or may have just taken for granted.

Step 4: What to do if it isn't going so well…

Be flexible in your approach. Be open-minded - try different things and don't dismiss suggestions that might seem a bit far-fetched. Some swear by cosmic ordering - in which you commune your desires directly with the Cosmos in the hope that it will use cosmic energy to realise your requests. Why not try it?

More practically, internet dating could help you to cast your net wide. Millions of people use dating sites, so the choice is impressive, and you can be totally honest about what you're looking for. See our VideoJug "How To Start Online Dating".

Speed-dating also allows you to meet a large amount of men quickly. The more choice you have, the more likely you are to find the One.

Step 5: Be patient

Finding a good husband takes time, and it is a decision that you shouldn't rush.

Bridezillas can come across as terrifying to poor, defenceless men, and scaring men away is the absolute opposite of your aim.

Always give your intended the impression that the relationship is proceeding at his page. While he's in blissful ignorance of your game plan, there's nothing stopping you planning the wedding of your dreams.

If, after all this hard work, you discover a good man to be a husband, then congratulations! If not, well, perhaps it's better to stop looking and to stay positive. The world goes on!