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How To Find Guinea Pigs For Sale

How To Find Guinea Pigs For Sale

This video talks about why your local animal rescue shelter is the best place to find guinea pigs.

Hi. My name's Marie. I'm the deputy manager of the Small Animal Department of Wood Green Animal Shelters in Cambridge here.

I'm going to advise you how to care for guinea pigs. I'm going to tell you how to find a guinea pig for sale. By far, the best option is go to your local rescue shelter.

Hundreds of guinea pigs go into rescue shelters every year. When visiting your local shelter, ask a member of the staff to take you out to the guinea pigs and help you find a guinea pig or guinea pigs that are going to match your family and your lifestyle. It's best to home guinea pigs in pairs or small groups.

They are naturally herd animals and should live in with several friends of their own companion. Guinea pigs that go into rescue shelters can vary in ages and breeds. You would often find your Rexes, smooth coats, and Swiss guinea pigs.

You can find piglets in there right up to older age guinea pigs all looking for homes. A member of the staff will be able to help you find a guinea pig that's going to match your lifestyle. When choosing a guinea pig, ask to be able to handle them, see what conditions they're living in.

If they're in poor bedding, there's a likelihood they may have skin issues. Also, of they haven't has access to grass or fresh food, they may also have slight issues of digestive system so find out what they have been fed and ask for guidance on how to continue and maintain their diet. When you are handling them, take them over, make sure that they're happy, that they're healthy, good size, good condition and they're vocal.

Guinea pigs in rescue shelters have often been health checked by the vet. They obviously have their skin care checked and have been wormed. So as I mentioned, the best option is go to your local rescue shelter.

That's about how to find a guinea pig for sale. .