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How To Find Hamsters To Buy

How To Find Hamsters To Buy

Hundreds of hamsters do not have a home. If you want to take one, here's where to find healthy hamsters.

Hi. My name's Marie. I'm the deputy manager of the Small Animal Department of Wood Green Animal Shelters in Cambridge here and I'm going to advise you how to care for hamsters.

By far, the best option is to visit your local rescue shelter. Hundreds of hamsters go into local rescue shelters every year. You'll often find all breeds and ages of hamsters so do visit them and there's a chance you may even find young baby ones looking for homes.

When considering choosing a hamster as your first pet, make sure you choose a specie that's suitable for you. Syrian hamsters a larger breed and they're easier to handle and more sociable with people. You'll also get these small Russian hamsters and they can be kept in pairs unlike Syrians.

These will tolerate being handled and can come out the cage regularly. All hamsters are nocturnal so they are more active at night times so bear this in mind when children want to handle them regularly as not all hamsters will appreciate this. When you're choosing your hamster, make sure you're able to handle it and make sure that it's really in good condition.

Check it over, make sure it's a good weight and you can't see any visual health issues and that the cage and accommodation in smells okay and is set up nicely. If you are able to handle the hamster, have a little go and just see how the hamster settles with you. A first time young hamster may have not been handled that much so be prepared that it might not tolerate you straight away.

Try and pop them into a little tube and sit them on your lap and let them wander along to you. As I mentioned, where possible, please go to your local rescue shelter. There are hundreds of hamsters all across the country.

And that's how to buy a hamster. .