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How To Find Jeans For Curvy Women

How To Find Jeans For Curvy Women

It's very difficult to find the right pair of jeans. In this video you will see tips on what to look for in jeans that suits curvy women. Learn tips on the cut, color, pocket shape, and other details on that perfect jean that's just right for a curvy woman.

Hi! I'm Claire Watson owner of personal styling business—Miss Dress and today I'm going to be showing you plenty of tips and tricks on style and lots of fashion advice that you could use for both work and play. Jeans are notoriously the most difficult item to find for women especially if you happen to be bigger than the size of a supermodel so I've got a few tips on how to shop for jeans if you're a curvy shape. Fortunately, the high street has plenty of offerings for somebody bigger and slightly curvier than a size 8 and there are a few key tips to look for when you're out and about shopping for jeans.

Most of the time we women try on at least 30 pairs before we get a pair that seems to be just about right. So, the key tips that I suggest when you are looking for a pair of jeans include firstly, the leg shape. I'm not the biggest advocate of the skinny jeans simply because I see so many women wearing them where they really don't flatter their figures, I'm much more in favor of the boot cut which is far more flattering on the thigh area simply because it fits and then it kicks out at the knee and then gives a much more balanced proportionate shape to the leg.

The next thing to bear in mind when you're looking for a curvy pair of jeans is the color. Again, don't go for anything that is faded or has any kind of detail across the thigh because that will only emphasize that area. Make sure it's a dark color and it's also a flat color.

This will help to create an illusion of an elongated leg and a much slimmer shape as well. Thirdly, think about the waist band the best shape is to go for something where the waist band sits higher at the back and lower at the front not only will that clip in hits and stop the dreaded muffin top but it will also give a much more flattering shape and stop when you kneel down or you're on your hands and knees the back of your jean showing underwear. Also think about the width of the waist band as well.

Don't go for anything that is too skinny because that again will actually emphasize and dig in at the hip and show off that fleshy part that none of us ever want to show. Then think about the pockets, this is where most women go wrong with a pair of jeans, they forget about the pockets and so many jeans have that come down onto the thigh. If you keep your pockets up on your bottom and in proportion to your bottom, so a pocket that's a decent size, it's not a small little thing that's going to float around your bottom, this will increase the potential of creating a perkier derriere and also far more flattering, gives bottom shape but also kind of makes them appear smaller and rounder as well which is something that is really useful.

And then as a final note about pocket shapes for curvy fit jeans, think about the stitching that goes on the pockets as well. If you've got some kind of detail again that will help to create a perkier shape, it sounds a bit silly but it's all about optical illusions when it comes to wearing jeans and this will give that far more effective shape of a slimmer, toned bottom. And that's my guide to finding jeans for curvy women.