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How To Find Love By Internet Dating

How To Find Love By Internet Dating

Internet dating is the clever way to find the partner of your dreams, but it's very different from traditional dating. This film guides you through the dos and don'ts….

Step 1: Your profile

The first thing is to realise is it's fine for your profile to paint you in a flattering light, but that's different from telling porky-pies. It may be tempting to be, shall we say, a little free and easy with the truth. But don't! Be positive, but accurate.
If you find it difficult to write positively about yourself, then get a friend to help you, or join a premium site where you'll be helped by staff to put something really good together.
You'll want to arrive at your first date safe in the knowledge that your date has agreed to meet YOU, not some imaginary person four inches taller, or two dress sizes smaller. And you'd want your date to be honest, right?

Step 2: Your photo

It's not cheating to include a really flattering photo that makes you look your best. Ideally, you'll take some new photos especially for your profile, so they are right up to date. Use digital photos.You can snap away until you get one you like and they are easy to upload.

Photos taken outside benefit from natural light, brightening your face and eliminating shadows. If you are in a good mood when the photo is taken, this will shine through in your eyes. So get a friend to make you laugh as the photos are being taken.

You might be tempted to use a sun-kissed holiday snap from a few years ago, but ask yourself if this gives an accurate picture. If you've changed since then then it's best to do a new one.

Step 3: Choose the right site

If you are concerned about having your profile and picture out there in cyberspace for anyone to see, then think about joining a members only site, where you can protect your details, and know that it is only other members, who have paid and been vetted, who can see your profile. Then you know that anyone contacting you is serious in their intentions.

Step 4: Send some messages

When you put your profile up, you may get lots of interest. But if you find someone you like the sound of, get to know them a bit via the site's messaging service. There is nothing wrong with messaging lots of people at once, and seeing who you like best, before arranging a date Messaging is a great way yo find out more about them, which will help break the ice when you meet.

Step 5: Date etiquette

If you agree to a date, then you are honour bound to either turn up, or send a message to cancel well beforehand. Preparing for a date can take a lot of expense and effort, so standing someone up is just cruel.

The best kind of first date is in a public place, and activity-based. Doing an activity is a good way to get to know someone new, as it can spark conversations and feel like you are sharing something new together. You can always arrange to go on to a meal when you know you are getting on well

You might click as soon as you set eyes on one another, or it might take the evening to find out if you are right for each other or not. Even if you don't feel romantic towards them, you may make a good friend. But if you do feel romantic, well, you're on a date. What are you waiting for?
Good luck!