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How To Find Pageant Crowns

How To Find Pageant Crowns

Former Miss Great Britain winner Liz Fuller shares her tips and tricks in designing a crown to increase your chances of winning the Miss Great Britain pageant.

Hi, I'm Liz Fuller. I'm the new boss at Miss Great Britain and a previous winner from 1997. And for the last 13 years, I've been working as a TV presenter and producer at ITV and Channel 5.

Today, though, I'm going to be giving you advice on the beauty pageant world. Finding pageant crowns - Okay. Firstly, you don't really find a pageant crown because you win one.

And it's the organizers of course, will source it or make it or design it for you. But if you are running your own regional heat and you want to find a pageant crown, the best way to do it is probably ask a local jewellery designer yourself to come up with something. Take inspiration from Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss Great Britain, and then get those designs and work with a local jeweller.

Or, you can of course source them on eBay. You can also source them from Chinese factories online. You'd be amazed what you can search and what you can get out of eBay.

When you're buying from China, you do have to pay, they're a lot cheaper but you do have to pay the import tax, don't you? But what I would say is try and buy in bulk. If you buy 10-20 pageant crowns, obviously it's going to work out cheaper. So either design it, or buy it from a really really cheap place.

Because if you're going to run low as a pageant, you obviously need to give good crystal tiaras away. Now, Miss Great Britain. We ran a competition this year where somebody, anybody in the general public, through the jewellery channel can design a Miss Great Britain crown to take us into the next decade.

We had loads of designs. And I've got to tell you, the reason the winning design which was Zoey Harding - that comes from Harwich - the reason she won is she read and listened to the brief correctly. It's Miss Great Britain.

It's not Miss England. Believe it or not, we've had loads of you designing for the wrong competition. Miss Great Britain is about the Union Jack so it's red, white, and blue.

Zoey chose a crown design that went all the way around the head and it was really prestigious. It had all of these London blue topaz stones. It had white frosty crystal.

And then it had red, hopefully rubies were getting made. Listen to the pageant brief and really design something that's so elaborate. But remember, it has to be feminine.

The right pageant crown will have more curves in the stones as opposed to quite structured and square which is wrong. So, choose the right pageant crown and choose something that's feminine. Sparkly, really bright crystals to of course really draw the attention of photographers.

But of course, something that suits the girl. So, regional heat - smaller. National - bigger. Good Luck! .