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How To Find Pageant Sashes

How To Find Pageant Sashes

A beauty pageant sash is not just some adornment to be worn. It is a symbol of accomplishment and responsibility. Thus, it is not something that you can buy. You have to win it.

How to find pageant sashes. Okay, beauty pageant sashes are won. You don't tend to have them made for you because the organizers like myself at Miss Great Britain, we will give them as prizes at your regional heat.

Now, if you do want to get yourself a beauty pageant sash made, perhaps you run your own competition, what you need to do is find a reliable supplier that has beautiful ribbon and can print all the words on. Now, at Miss Great Britain, we use bright blue sashes because that's our colour and because of that, unfortunately, we can't have logos of loads of different brands and their colours in. With the sash, what you need to do is have it coming down from the right shoulder to the left.

Believe it or not, lots of pageants put the sash on the girl the wrong way. It doesn't make sense. You can't read it.

It could be inside out. So, it goes from right shoulder to left. Sometimes, you have a pageant, especially in international pageants, you'll have the pageant pin that attaches it.

So, your logo goes on the top, then the title and then at the bottom, you may have another logo. Sometimes, the pageant organizers will put www dot and the website underneath, say the Miss Swansea, as well. Now, that's fine.

Now, at the back of the pageant sash, lots of people don't use. At the Miss Great Britain final, we do think it's a lovely idea to have the girl's name on the back and this is something that we're promoting in the UK and we'd like other pageants to catch on, too. So, if you're going to have a sash made, put the girl's name on the back because she's no longer just a Miss, she's actually a person as well and she has her name, so let's give her the credit that she's due.

Rather than having numbers on wrists, we don't really like that. Let's get names on the back which is a lovely idea and if you also think about it, when a girl walks on the stage at the final of any pageant, a lot of the judges will say, “Oh, I don't remember which girl was that,” whereas if the girl walks down with a Miss Swansea on and she turns and the judges miss her, they'll always see the name on the back. We get our pageant sashes from a really lovely company that can deliver them within 24 hours called Party Sashes dot co dot uk and I can't hesitate enough to recommend them.

So, good luck, but remember beauty pageant sashes should be won and not bought. Good luck. .