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How To Find Pillows For Neck Pain

How To Find Pillows For Neck Pain

Physical therapist Dirk Laubscher explains to patients how to find a good pillow for neck support. He advises patients to buy pillows with contoured neck support.

So, how do you find the right pillow for your neck? The internet is out there and you can easily type in neck pillows or pillows. But the danger with that is you'll get so many types of pillows that it's easy to buy the wrong one. My advice is to go to a specialist shop.

For example, near the clinic, we have a back shop and they have chairs, mattresses and pillows. The best way is to go to that shop and try them out. Ask the expert their advice and they'll give you two or three to choose from.

It's also important that men and women use different pillows. Men's shoulders are wider so they will use a bigger thicker cushion. There is also a company called Temper who makes Temper pillows.

It's made of memory foam that molds to the shape of your head and neck into the pillow. It's very important when you choose a pillow, that you choose a pillow that supports not just your head but also your neck. It's vital to have great posture when you sleep.

Your pillow is one of the most important to buy. Don't neglect buying a good pillow. Make sure that when you buy it, you have expert advice and try them out before you buy them.

This is an example of a Temper pillow and it's made of memory foam. Your head will lie in this groove there. This is how the pillow is shaped and this is how it supports my neck when I lie down. .