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How To Find Quails For Sale

How To Find Quails For Sale

This video helps the viewer in choosing good quails, and explains about many things to be taken care of while buying quails.

Hello, I am Nino Castellano from Welwynquail.com, and today I am going to talk to you about quails. How to find quails for sale: You can get quails from your local pet shop, a breeder, the internet, or the auctions, bird auctions, or you can get quails from the garden center.

Usually most of the garden centers, they got pet sections and often you can find quails there. Buying birds from the garden center, is good in future, because you know how they are, how well they are, etc. But if is not, it is left to you.

You make sure you get one male and two females, and that is to be your search. How to get quails from the internet: There are number of sites on the internet like 'bird trader' or 'bird poultry', where they have got sections for quails. Usually these sites, they put in contact the buyer to the breeders, so that there is no third person involved, you can get in touch with the seller directly and you can ask all the questions you need to know in buying quails like the age, the sex, how old they are, and all the other questions you would like to ask like which food you are feeding them, etc, etc.

The third option is buying quails from the breeder. And again first of all you have to find out a breeder which you can find it from the internet, or local pet shop or garden center and get in touch with them, and again go there, and they will look for the birds and see if they have got healthy and nice birds, and you ask them all the question that you need to ask them, like the age of the birds, the sex, if they are male, female etc, etc. After that, select three or four of them.

To my opinion, this is the best option you can have. The fourth option is how to get quails from auctions. This you should order in local markets.

Some of the Qatar markets, like 'sends free home markets', from time to time issue poultry auctions, you can order or you can go there and buy quails. You can search for that in the internet. But when you buy birds from the auctions you do not know how they are, which sex, etc, etc.

It is just pot luck to see what you get. You can have healthy birds, or you can have sick birds, or all males, all females, usually it is in the closed box and when you go home, you open it, and you find the treasure or not! It is always good you contact a breeder, and they can give you help and other things in buying quails. .