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How To Find Quality Shoes

How To Find Quality Shoes

Just because you pay good money for a pair of shoes, doesn't mean you've bought a well-made shoe. And a famous label doesn't guarantee quality either. So learn how to identify quality shoes with VideoJug's help, and find the perfect pair for you.

Step 1: Heels

When searching for a high heel you want to make sure it has good support for the balls of your feet. The base should absorb the shock of the pavement. Test the shoe by pushing down on the bed to see how it feels. If it's hard and inflexible, those shoes are going to kill you. If it springs back, chances are you will have the cushion you need.

Step 2: Flats

The arch is the underside of the foot consisting of the tarsal and metatarsal bones. Non-supported arches can cause foot pain and other foot problems. Beware of flats with no arch support. Many of the new ballet style shoes have none. Bring a pair of gel or cushion insoles with you when trying on flats. They may feel tight at first, but will eventually loosen up, and become your favorite pair of shoes. The best time to buy shoes is at the end of the day, after you've been walking around because swollen feet give you a truer fit.

Step 3: Check Your Soles

The best sole is the one that has rubber and grooves. If your shoe's sole is completely flat and leather, you're in trouble as you could slip and fall. Examine the sole to make sure it is firmly attached to the shoe. Some soles are glued to the upper shoe and others are stitched, either one is a sign of quality.

Step 4: Look Inside

Inspect the shoe's interior. Leather interiors absorb foot moisture best. Good-quality shoes are fully lined from front to back.