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How To Find Rare Pokemon Cards

How To Find Rare Pokemon Cards

Want to catch them all? Charles Scott from the Pika Club (www.pikaclub.co.uk) shows you how to find the rarest cards for your Pokemon collection

Hi, my name is Charles Scott and I'm an administrater at the pikaclub.co.uk ive been playing pokemon for over ten years and i pride myself for knowing everything there is to know about pokemon.

OK, in the video im going to teach you how to find rare pokemon cards. Now finding rare cards is actually quite easy. Get your booster pack, open it up inside you will have five common cards and then you will have a shiny card which could be common uncommon, and then you will have your rare card.

Now your rare cards come in one of three types so from left to right we have got a rare card that is normal, a rare card that is hollow - what makes it hollow is the picture is hollow- and then you have got a reverse hollow on the right hand side - and what makes that reverse hollow is that everything else is shiny but the main picture. There are rare cards that are constantly shiny such as pokemon prime cards and pokemon legend cards; these are normally higher numbers in the sets, usually more towards the end of the set - so if you have a hundred cards in the set they are usually 90 to 100. Lastly you have the secret rare cards and these cards are not usually listed in the card list and usually how they number maybe outside of the list - say if there's a hundred cards it's 101 out of 100 or they have another distinction on them in this case its sh3 but the most recent secret rare cards have had ONE and TWO and that is a brief overview on finding rare pokemon cards.