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How To Find Your Business Niche

How To Find Your Business Niche

So, you have always wanted to be your own boss but did not know where to start? Here is our expert guide, to help you put your ideas in to practice.

So, today, we are going to be talking about how to find your business niche. I think what is important to start with is why, also, is it important to find your business niche? There is lots of talk about it at the moment. There are a couple of reasons, the first of all, and most importantly, is so that you can find your ideal clients and customers and they can find you.

Without having that fairly clearly defined, it makes it quite difficult on both counts; it makes it difficult for the people you can really help with your products or your service to find you, and also it makes it really difficult for you to find them and talk to them and engage. So, that is kind of the core reason about why it is important. The other thing that it is important to remember around that as well, most people kind of get a bit scared, they think it is going to be really narrow, are there going to be enough people? But the important thing to remember about niching as well is that not only then do you end up attracting those people, but you also end up having the "wannabes", the people that want to be one of those.

So if you get really focused and targeted on who your niche is, you are not only going to speak to them and attract them, but you are also going to speak to and attract the people who want to be them, or want to be like them. So, it is actually often not as limiting as you might think. How do you do it? Well, a lot of people, I think, in my opinion, start backwards, they start looking at the market first and what are the possibilities and what are the opportunities.

That is great if you do not care what you do, but if you want to be doing something and working with people that you are passionate about, that you find rewarding and fulfilling, then I would recommend you start somewhere else and start to really focus on, you know, who do I really want to work with? So, instead of having the question of what is my niche or what should my niche be or how do I use my niche, use different questioning. Use the question, who do I really want to work with? Who am I really passionate about helping? Especially if it is a service based business, who is my ideal client, what do they look like, where do they go, what do they do? Or if it is a product, you know, similar questions, tweak it slightly so it is specific to your kind of product. If you start there, then kind of build it in, you are much more likely to get something that is going to really work for you long term, and that you are going to find that is rewarding and enjoyable.

Once you have finished that exploration and you have kind of got clear on that, and got some core ideas down, then you can start to match that with the market place; start to do some market research, see what the opportunities are, and do that kind of what I call, the connecting process between matching what you want and the sort of people you are working with, what the opportunities are out there in order to kind of create a thriving business, and target a market that is going to be lucrative as well as enjoyable. So, make sure that you are, you know, picking something that is going to be fun and enjoyable, targeting the right people, as well as making sure that it makes commercial sense once you have done that, before you get going and invest lots of time and money in building your business in that niche, and then just go for it. Stay committed, keep working at it, keep refining and refining and refining.

It is not a case of just picking and then just going, it is a case of starting and choosing that niche, refining it over time, refining your marketing, measuring, testing, refining it again. Keep going and you will get the results that you want. If you would like to find out a little bit more about how we can help you find your niche, target your market and grow your business, come and see us at Move Beyond, www dot movebeyond dot net.