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How To Finger Knit

How To Finger Knit

In this video tutorial, designer and creative director Gosia Dzik-Holden shows viewers how to finger knit - one of many different types of knitting techniques.

In this video tutorial, I will show you how to finger knit. To do finger knitting, you will need a ball of yarn and your hands. To finger knit, we will first have to cast on our four stitches.

To do so, we have to make a slip knot. It anchors our yarn. We are now ready to cast on.

We carry the yarn under the index finger and over the top of middle finger, then, again, we will bring this thread to the other side of the index finger. We will do that again with our fourth finger. To start finger knitting and actually making our stitches, we will wrap the yarn around our hand clockwise again, making sure that the yarn is above our cast on stitches.

Then, we will repeat the following sequence. At this point, we actually can take our slip knot off the thumb and pull it a little bit. This will actually start revealing.

To cast off, we will use this thread here and we will actually pull it through the first stitch. We can then drop the stitch off our finger. Then, we will pull it through our second stitch.

What I do here is I just put the loop under the stitch and my finger. Then, I can take the stitch off. Again, put the loop under the stitch and then, I can actually take it off.

There's just one stitch left here. So, I put my long loop through the last loop. And that is how to do finger knitting. .