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How To Finger Wave

How To Finger Wave

How To Finger Wave: This ornate hairstyle from the flapper days is a great retro look, and one you can create for yourself thanks to this brief tutorial.

Hello. My name's Andrew Jose, of Andrew Jose Salon in Charlotte Street, London. How to do finger waves.

Now, this is an old technique that is lovely for a little detailing in the hair. It's great to do on Afro-Caribbean hair, for a little detailing, when you want volume at the end, but even on European hair as well. It's a great thing just to do very tight and off the natural parting.

Now, what I've done on Charlotte's head today, is to wet her hair down, and then I'm taking a little overhead gel from JLife, which is a non-flaking, but very shiny gel. So, I will just place it onto the hair, and comb it through. One of the key things to this, is that it is a very sleek 1920s and 1930s look, so don't be shy of putting lots of product on the hair.

Just make sure it's nice and evenly through, because this is key to getting a good wave. So the first thing is to comb the hair into the way that you want to see it. And the detailing comes with the curl that you do.

So first of all, I just comb the hair slightly forwards, and then I place my finger into the hair, and then move the hair backwards. Then you can see the movement, and as you pull the hair back, then you push forwards, place your next finger down, and move the hair in the opposite direction, pressing down firmly. Come back in, and again work the shape until the wave starts to appear.

And there's the first of our waves. And we can just hold that in place with little pin curl clips, so that we can exaggerate the wave for you, and like the hair, I will reverse each wave with the clip, and there you have a finger wave, fully formed, across the top of the head. To continue from there, you then come backwards on yourself and start to dress down, and again come backwards, so that the wave continues right the way across the head.

Now these can be as tight or as loose as you want, depending on the type of look that you're after. Now, we'll just tidy this one up - there we are. And that's ready for dressing and ready for setting.