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How To Firm Skin

How To Firm Skin

VideoJug will help you revive tired looking skin with a wonderful firming facial massage and mask. This massage will take years off and have you refreshed and looking fabulous.

Hello, my name is Emma Thompson. I am an independent beauty expert working for Mosaique and today, we're going to talk to you about firming skin. Now, the most important thing with firming skin is to think not only about the cosmetic which you apply to your skin which of course, plays a very important part but also the application process.

So, today I am going to show you how to give yourself a little mini facial massage which you can integrate into your routine everyday or if you haven't got the time, you might like to do this one or two times a week. The evening's a good time, that's when your face is very warm after cleansing and it's also going to help you with your sleep. So, we're actually going to be using rose hip oil tonight which is going to really help me with the healing in my skin.

It contains lots of essential fatty acids which are going to help with the healing. Okay, so all you really need is two or three drops. People always put far too much oil on their skin, and then say oh, I don't like that feeling of it.

You really don't need much. What's going to happen with our facial massage is we are going to apply the product so the skin is going to warm up and we are going to get a deep penetration of the product. So, the first thing we do is effleurage the skin, if you stand with your hands like this and then gently apply the product upwards.

We always apply the product upwards in facial massage because we are trying to defy gravity. Okay, and do every movement three times. Okay, and then we are going to apply some nice movements to get the skin warm, and that's just simply little circles all over the skin, around the lips.

Particularly around the lips is very important, and upward over the forehead. Okay? And then I am going to iron out my forehead. I am going to apply the oil to the forehead like so, and that's called ironing out.

Then, I am going to apply my spectacles. We start in the inner eye and I am going to gently work on the bone. Now, don't draw these very strongly, you do these very very gently.

This is a very calming process for the skin as well. As you go in, just gently press onto what we call the orbital bone. When you get to the temples, work in.

This is an area on the skin that is very calming. And as you get to your eyebrows that you lift the eyebrows like so, and there we are. So, when you are finished doing those, now the way I like to finish this routine, again, is to do some more effleurage.

This is where we get movement in the skin, upwards. Make sure you get some on the back of your hands and apply under your chin as well. So at this point, you should be lovely glowing and certainly warmer.

I am going to finish my evening routine by applying a really gorgeous rich firming mask. This contains Rhizobium gum which firms the skin and immortelle which is called everlasting which is exactly how it works on the fine lines. So, all you need to do is to apply a small amount.

Five peas worth, and I am going to apply it over the top of the oil, so that the oil goes even deeper into the skin. And as with all masks, you can use a little bit at your chin and you want to apply it upwards very much like you did. And make sure that you cover your nose.

Now, this is the kind of mask that you can leave on all night. And if you would prefer, you can remove the residue off with a tissue. And that's how we firm skin.