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How To Fish For Cod

How To Fish For Cod

When it comes to fishing cod, there are a variety of ways to improve your chances of making the catch. Fly-fishing instructor Gavin Hodgson provides his own ideas on how to improve the success of your fishing experience.

Hi, I'm Gavin Hodgson, fly-fishing instructor and manager of Grangers Fishing Tackle here in South Kensington, London. We're going to talk you through some of the techniques and tips and help you get started in fishing. Fishing for cod, I started out as a kid.

This is probably the first that I was really obsessed with catching. I haven't fished for them in many years. But the methods have not changed and we still shore fish for them with beach-casting outfits or we fish from a boat and fish jigs or bait.

So, when fishing from the shore, we have to consider the ground we're fishing over. We've got regular leads or grip leads. Grip leads are great on a strong tie grip where we've got a sandy bottom.

You can hold the bottom and keep the bait where you want it. And then, obviously, when you need to pull and release, these breakaways just simply pop loose and you can retrieve your lead and your bait. And hopefully, a fish.

When fishing baits, then we just have to consider the tides. Try to get in places where there's either a rising tide or ebbing tide and get your bait in the right place. Cod obviously move with the tides.

Strong tides bring in the bigger fish. Hence, the best time of year to fish for them on many of the coasts would be autumn or winter season. When fishing from a boat for cod, we fish jigs.

These are quite modern jigs. Most of you may have seen jigs and they're nothing more than a shiny tube. These are just an elaboration with methods that stop us from catching the bottom too much.

So rather than having a grip, they travel the hook on the bottom that we catch rocks. As they're sinking, they'll sink like that. The hook will come up.

As we pull up, the hook will come down, and we hopefully avoid snagging the bottom. But when these are sinking, they're going to sink like that, and they're going to come up like that. Fishing these around wrecks and around rocky marks, cod do take these things.

They work very well. Obviously, when it comes to the kit, fishing from a boat, big multipliers are the order of the day. Fairly strong boat rods.

When it comes to fishing from the shore, we can fish a multiplier. Or similarly, we can fish a fixable outfit. And this rod is rigged with a large fixable reel that we can get enough line on there.

Anywhere between a 20-30 lbs class line. And fishing with a rod with large rings is perfect for the fixable design reel. When it comes to rigging up, there are various rigs.

Here's a very basic pulley pennell rig. It's set up for fishing two hooks for fishing lugworm, ragworm, or crab. Cod feed on smell or they see flashy things in the water.

When we're fishing this, we're fishing baits that they can hopefully smell. So that's the way they hit them. Best of luck. .