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How To Fish For Mackerel

How To Fish For Mackerel

Fishing for mackerel can be as relaxing as it is exciting. Gavin Hodgson gives tips on choosing the proper setup with different lures, rods, and reels.

Hi, I'm Gavin Hodgson, fly fishing instructor and manager of Grangers Fishing Tackle here in South Kensington, London. We're going to talk you through some of the techniques and tips and help you get started in fishing. Okay, fishing for mackerel: many ways to do it.

It's the kind of fishing that starts most of us off. We all seem to do it as kids and it stays with us a long time. I have lots of memories of fishing from the rocks, fishing from boats, fishing from piers, and mackerel always seem to feature in the memorable days.

It's often a summer sport. It's a time of year when most things are happening in the water so all the fish are coming alive and there's lots of bait fish activity. We approach them, in general, with an imitative approach so we're looking at flashy lures, flashy lures, bright spinners, or, again, with flies.

Now, I'll talk quickly through the methods. If you're fishing with the feathers- this is quite the model set of the feathers- just a great, big, long string and you can see lots of feathers hanging from it. Each one of those has the potential to catch a mackerel and, indeed, we will catch more than one at a time on many occasions.

We're fishing it here with a six ounce weight for rough sea conditions- sometimes a four ounce, sometimes an eight ounce- and depending on whether you're jigging from a boat or casting from a shore, the action, simple action of pull- and- retrieve, pull- and- retrieve, just gets the lures moving, gets the fish excited and hopefully gives us a catch. This is an outfit, very sturdy boat rod, that will handle that sort of setup. We've got a big reel again and we load that with, probably, twenty-pound model.

Fishing with lighter technique, we like things like this: this is a spinning outfit, this is a telescopic. It's a great little thing to keep in the car, totally sea- safe. Nice light little fixed spool reel.

Once you've got this set up, it's very easy to use. It's a great outfit for kids. We can have this set up in no time at all and be fishing a small lure and hopefully hooking into some mackerel.

Mackerel come pretty close into the shore so there's not long- distance casts required which, then, brings us on to fly fishing. Fly fishing for mackerel- great fun. They're like a miniature tuna; they're a very tough fish and they'll put a bend in any rod you put out there for them.

Flies, bait fish, lots of different little flashy profile bait fish patterns- all those the fish are fairly fast to retrieve. Stripping back, you're going to hopefully get a hook up and catch a fish that is ridiculously strong. So, give it a try.

Any of these techniques work. We've got a variety of feathers and we've got lots of other kits. .