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How To Fit A Snorkel Mask

How To Fit A Snorkel Mask

This video provides tips on finding the right snorkel mask for you to scuba dive without water leaking.

Hi, I'm Howard Payne. I'm an instructor with Dive Wimbeldon. We're a 5 star IDC centre here in Southwest London, and I teach both recreational and technical diving and I've been diving for about 8 years.

And today, I'm going to give you a little bit of advice on equipment and how to scuba dive. Let's just look at some of the issues with choosing a mask. Firstly, I think important to mention that while you might like the look of a certain mask, masks kind of choose you rather than the other way round really.

When you are looking for one, primarily you're looking for something which fits well. So let's just take a look at how to work that out first. Just using Jack here as a model, you peel the strap back on the mask so it's literally around the front, and then pop it on your face and breathe in through your nose.

The thing should just fit very easily and shouldn't move. Does it feel comfortable on your face? Also, if you look here, you can see that it's a good width for his face. Jack's got a wide face so you want something that's not right on the edge of your eyes, but you also want something, if you got a thinner face, that isn't too wide obviously because that would leak.

So, looking at that there you can see actually that's a really good fit on him that mask. Good quality masks, their skirts are all modern masks made out of silicon, and something with a decent quality silicon that isn't too soft will hold its shape better so it leaks less. And that's really important if something of a decent quality is going to be much easier to dive with because you're not going to need clearing the water out of it all the time if it fits better.

Something that's quite important people tend to really tighten the mask's strap to the point where it's too tight because they think that's going to stop it from leaking more, but what you'll find is if you are tightening it too much it distorts the silicon skirt on the mask and it's actually more prone to leaking. So the strap should just be snug around the back of your head. It doesn't need to be overly tight. .