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How To Fit Curtain Tie Back Hooks

How To Fit Curtain Tie Back Hooks

This video describes the proper way to measure and install for curtain tie back hooks. This simple guide ensures a beautiful, finished look fr curtains and drapes.

How to fit curtain tie back hooks. Curtain tie back hooks should be fitted slightly inside the curtain hanging position. In this case, we have a curtain, we've got a pelmet, we've actually fitted it just inside, just inside the edge of the pelmet.

We've decided what height we want and we've measured the height and marked the other side so that the other curtain matches and given it a nice mark on the wall. Now's the difficult bit for fitting tie back hooks and that is drilling the hole into the wall without going through any pipes or cables. It's a good idea to find out whether there are any in the area that you're going to drill in first.

You need a masonry drill and a hammer drill, and you make a hole which is slightly bigger than the tie back hook screw itself. So that you can then, once you've made the whole, you can fit a raw plug into that hole and hammer it in so that it's nice and flat on the wall which will then allow you to screw the tie back hook into that raw plug and it'll be nice and tight in the wall. So that then, you fit the tie back on by putting the one behind the curtain, the ring that goes on the end of the tie back behind the curtain first, and then the front one after it.

That is how you fit a tie back hook. .