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How To Fix 1 Red Light On Xbox 360

How To Fix 1 Red Light On Xbox 360

In this VideoJug film, Rene Millman of Absolute Gadget shows you how to fix the most common problems associated with one red ring showing on your Xbox 360. So that you can get back to gaming!

Hi, I'm Rene Millman of Absolute Gadget, and today, I'll be talking about the Xbox 360. In this video, I'll be showing you how to fix one red light on the Xbox 360. When you're playing your console, and you start it up, you might sometimes get one red light on the console here.

It's not necessarily the end of the world, but it does indicate that there is a problem that should be dealt with. Now, the first steps you can take to rectify the problem is to make sure that all the connections are properly connected, so just go around there, look at the power cable, look at the video cable to make sure it's fitted in properly. And also the hard drive on the side.

The two most common problems are fallen video cable, or the hard drive. Sometimes, you get an indication on the screen that there's a problem like an 'E' number, like an 'E74' or 'E69'. They all give you tips or hints as to what the problem is.

So you can check through the troubleshooting guide what those numbers mean. The most common problem is the video cable, so if you've got a friend with an Xbox 360, just check that the video cable isn't the problem. If you duplicate the fault by plugging your video cable in their Xbox, then you probably don't have the video cable for it.

Also, with the hard disk, sometimes it might not be properly set in its connector, so make sure that's properly fitted in there. If the box is under warranty, it's best to send it back to Microsoft to get it repaired. This means you'll probably spend a few weeks without a console, but at least you'll get it repaired.

If it's out of warranty, you've got two choices: The first and most obvious one is to get in touch with a qualified technician to fix your Xbox. It'll cost money, but it probably won't be as expensive as getting Microsoft to fix it. The last option, which really is a last resort, is to open up the Xbox yourself and try and fix it there.

Sometimes there's a motherboard not set in properly, or the heating's not set in properly. You might be able to fix it, but it really is a last resort. And, if you're under warranty, that would probably void the warranty.

So treat opening it with caution. .