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How To Fix A Bike Chain

How To Fix A Bike Chain

John teaches us how to readjust a fallen bike chain on a multi-gear bicycle.

Hello, my name is John from On Your Bike in London, and I have been a biker 12 years. I am going to show you things about bikes, things about setting height and setting it up so that it is the correct size and a few maintenance tips as well. We have got a bike like this with multi-gears, and you're riding it and you find that your chain comes off.

Normally, it is down to this part here which they call the front geralia. If it is incorrectly set up, then it moves over too far and tends to knock your chain off. This particular bike here does not have the high and low mach tonic but all they do is if you screw them in, it moves these cross, so if you stop the chain going too far that way or that one if you stop the chain coming too far that way.

So if you find your chains falling off either one of those rings, it is one of those you probably need to readjust. If you are out riding, if I take the chain off, this one, if you push down, that will take the tension out of it. If you are riding along and you found that your chain has come off, all you do is push your thumb on the back to take the pressure off the chain, get your hand in front, then just reconnect onto the chain rings and if I gently let go, that's now connected and as I start riding, it will go back into the correct gear. .