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How To Fix A Sticky Mouse

How To Fix A Sticky Mouse

This video, brought to VideoJug by www.HowToFixYourStuff.com, shows you how to fix a sticky computer mouse. Probably one of the most infuriating issues surrounding computers, never let your mouse get sticky again!

Step 1: Sticky Mouse Problem

Well, here's how To Fix a Sticky Mouse from howtofixyourstuff.com. We've all had this sticky mouse problem before mostly with these old ball type mice.

So I'm going to show you today how to quickly and easily make this basically into working like new. What you'll need is a simple cleaner. What works good is rubbing alcohol or even glass cleaner works good, a small standard screwdriver and a couple of cotton swabs.

Step 2: Ball Cover Removal

Start by removing the ball cover usually a quick turn to the left there.

Step 3: Rollers

The main problem is dirt buildup on these rollers. There’s one for horizontal movement and one for vertical movement and primarily you want to scrape all the dirt off of these rollers with your standard screwdriver going all the way around scraping any dirt that builds up in there both sides.

And there’s usually like an idle roller, which maintains all the tension on the ball, and it doesn’t hurt to clean that one too. So start by scraping with a screwdriver, knock out any dirt that has accumulated in there.

Step 4: Cotton Swabs

Next, you want to wet one of your cotton swabs. You never want to spray or pour anything directly in here. That will probably be the end of the mouse.

No big deal. It's only a three-dollar mouse but we're here to try to revive it. With your wet cotton swab again roll around each one of those rollers. Just check and make sure that you've got all that dirt removed.

Step 5: Clean The Ball

The next step before you put this back together is to just clean the ball up. They never usually get too dirty but they do get dust built up on them with a rag make sure that’s perfectly clean.

There’s still a lot of these old ball style mice out there simple cleaning you can revive it. Probably, this will last you another five years.

Step 6: Other Tips

Another tip with these old ball style mice is that you always want to make sure you use a good mouse pad. Make sure you keep that pad clean.

So there you go how to fix your sticky mouse problem from howtofixyourstuff.com