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How To Fix A Zipper

How To Fix A Zipper

This Videojug film is designed to show you how to fix a zipper. In this video you are going to learn everything you ever wanted to know about fixing different types of zippers.

Hi. I am Claire Louise and I am a theatrical wardrobe mistress working in the west end of London. Today I am going to be sharing with you some of my tips and tricks on how to get the best out of clothing repairs and alterations.

There are two types of zips either one with a plastic coil or by the way it's plastic that this one which is continuous piece of plastic or it may have teeth this one is got plastic teeth now on a plastic teeth to zip I can't remove that stopper and the way that I could fix this type of zip is as follows.

Again I am going to open my zip and then I am going to make a tiny little spit just below that stopper and this is going to allow me to get this slider off. While I get to the slider just like that split kind of open and now my slider is come of and then to repair the zip I slight my slide a beckoned and then either put a tiny spot of glue over right out splitters or you could do a couple of stitches sometimes I do both and that's going to stop the slider coming back off again.

And that's how you would adjust the slider on a teased zip.

This pair of jeans has a slight fault in the bottom of the zip and I like to fix it without unpicking all of this fly which is got a time consuming job now one really quick way of fixing it if the bottom teeth are just slightly _ or if one of them is missing I can just shorten my zip by creating a full stopper and wondering with that is I am taking a needle and thread I am going to over stitch. This is done quite roughly it's just a stop and now my zip can only go down to where my overstitch is and if the bottom based faulty bit that's a great quick way of repairing a zip.

Now, if it's not that easy some times you do need to replace a slider on a zip that's already in a garment so to do that we need to unpick enough of this area that we can expose the zip of the bottom, so with a quick unpick you can see that I have taken all of those seam sow enough that I could take my zip and just access the bottom because this time I am going to take my zip slider off down to the bottom.

Now, if we turn the zip inside out we can see that there is a metal stopper and we need to get that metal stopper off. So, with a pliers and again if you can try and keep this together if not if it breaks as you taking in and out then just over stitch there is enough space you need to just get this zip slider off.

And then you find an identical zip slider either by looking in a haberdasher shop or buying another zip is same and this time I am sliding the zip upwards on this is a little bit fiddly, so I slide the zip on to one side and I have to take the tape and slide that in the other side. Why I need to make sure is that I line my teeth up so that when I do the zip up very spanned _

Now, you just slide the back all like that I am just stuck that little bit inside and firm the reverse I am going to reapply my stopper. So, the stopper is just little loop with prongs and this want to get the prongs through either side of my teeth.

Once I can feel both sets of prongs on the other side I am just going to take my pliers I am just flatten those prongs.

And again if I can't reattach the original stopper I would use an over stitch here just to stop bottom and that's it and now I just need to go back and replace the stitching in here by unpicked to access my zip and that's my zip nice and repaired.

And that's how you repair and replace zips. .