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How To Fix Cigarette Burns On A Carpet

How To Fix Cigarette Burns On A Carpet

The easy way to fix cigarette burns on carpet.

Step 1: Cigarette Burn Repair

Hi, my name is Enrique. This time I will show you how to do a cigarette burn repair. This won't take a lot. We've got two cigarette burns right here. There's one more here. So let me show you how to repair it very easily.

Step 2: Cut The Burned Fibers

To do our repair we need a little piece of carpet, a roller, measuring tape, razor knife, a couple of glue sticks, and a heat glue gun. So let's do it. The first thing we have to do is cut the burned fibers. Right here, take the razor knife and very carefully, don't go all the way to the bottom, and take it. Don't cut the backing, just the beginning to the fiber and that's it. Do the same thing to the other side; open the fibers and go all the way down. Be very careful, don't cut your fingers. Just like that. So we know how much piece of carpet we need, two little circles. And also we'll need scissors.

Step 3: Cut a Little Circle

Just take a little piece of carpet, calculating the width of the burned spot. Just take a little piece like that, and then we have to take the backing of the carpet off very carefully, like that. Take it off and then cut a little piece, you can see just a little one. Just cut it off like that, like a little circle. It just depends on how the circle is right here. Just cut it off like that. Then shake it up. It works. Perfect.

Step 4: Use The Glue Gun

So we'll go to the other side, and do the same thing. Cut a little piece and cut it out like that, like a little circle. Open it - beautiful. Take all this stuff out. Okay, let's do it. When the glue gun is already hot, just put a little bit on the backing like that. Don't put too much, just like that. Open the fibers and stick it on it. You can use the end of the scissors to push it down like that. Push it down - not through the backing - just all the way in the back. And with the track roller, just circular with that too - all the way around. Take the measuring tape and press it just for a little bit. And that's it.

Step 5: Cut The Excess

Then take the scissors and cut the excess, just the excess, like that. Go to the other side, get a little bit of glue (not too much), open the fibers, stick it on it, and push it down. With the track roller just go around like that and press it down. Cut the excess. And that's it. Remember, if you can't do it, somebody will.