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How To Fix Xbox 360 3 Red Lights

How To Fix Xbox 360 3 Red Lights

Rene Millman, editor of Absolute Gadget, gives a brief explanation of the problems that can cause the three red lights error with the XBox 360. He gives a couple of useful tips for solving the problem on your own, and then recommends the best way to fix it if you're not an expert handyman yourself.

Hi, I'm Rene Millman, editor of Absolute Gadget, and today I'll be talking about the XBOX 360. Now, three red lights on the console mean that there's probably, very probably a general hardware failure. It's more severe than one or two lights and it's indicative of a few problems.

The main problems will be along the lines of the disk drive failing, it's not reading or writing to it properly or there's a video failing. In the first instance, if you're under warranty, I would definitely send it back to Microsoft to get repaired, which will mean a few weeks without an XBOX console of your own. So you can go off and play on a friend's XBOX or maybe take a walk in the park.

But other things you can do in the mean time, which won't void your warranty, is to actually turn it off and let it cool down, because it's probably overheated and also just check all the connections - video connections, especially the hard drive connections. If that hasn't fixed it, then you've definitely got a hardware failure where the disk drive failed, or perhaps the DVD drive has failed there, or there is a hardware failure with the video, in which case, yes, you definitely definitely need to get it fixed properly either by Microsoft, or if it's out of warranty and you can't afford their prices, then a qualified technician will be the next port of call. I wouldn't really advise you to open it up and try and fix it because it's a general hardware failure which means that something has to be replaced, and unless you are a qualified technician yourself and you know how to replace it, I wouldn't advise you to try and fix the problem yourself, because it is a hardware failure which is quite severe and needs proper fixing.

And that's how to go about fixing three red lights on the 360. .