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How To Flat Iron Black Hair

How To Flat Iron Black Hair

This video is aimed at helping viewers to better understand how to straighten Afro American hair using the ceramic tong.

Hi, my name is Lauralyn from the Braiding Art Academy in London. We are about to show you how to put on the ceramic tongs so that we can get the roots straight. I'm going through the scalp at the moment.

I'm greasing it. This is what should be done to all Afro-American scalps, just to keep the moisture in. No matter how good a condition you think a scalp is in, all scalps need to be fed.

I'm just going through with a light hair crease and just greasing the scalp before I tong it. Do this before we tong because obviously once the tong is done the hairstyle is finished and we don't want to have to go through and mess up the tong by greasing the scalp. While tonging the hair, you always put something close to the hair shaft to protect it.

I'm going to use this light olive oil spray. And that is how you put ceramic straighteners or straighten Afro hair, particularly relaxed Afro hair. So you've seen me go through the whole process from blow drying and when you finished with the blow dryer, you use the iron to basically solidify what you have done with the blow dryer. .