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How To Flat Iron Natural Hair

How To Flat Iron Natural Hair

This Videojug film is designed to show you how to flat iron natural hair. Try these tips the next time you heat up your iron and enjoy straight hairs.

Hello. My name is Brett McDonald and I am one of the teachers and educators here at Sacco schools and academies in London. Today what we are going to share with you is some of our ideas and our secrets on ways of styling care€”How To Flat Iron Natural Hair?

To began with flat ironing natural hair its important that we start with a very good blow dryer a common misbelieve is that flat ironing replaces the need for blow dryer, this is incorrect.

First we must apply in appropriate styling product for blow drying afterwards we can apply a heat shield product before we began with the irons.

So, first we need to apply a heat shield product before we began with the irons in this case I am using a light aerosol product which can be sprayed into the hair over the top of dry free blow dried hair. Whenever we work with ironing hair its always important for me that we began through the front.

When ironing hair we like to work diagonally around the head, this helps us and encourages the shape to become more curved or follow the flow of the head shape. As oppose to work in horizontally up to head and ending up with a very straw like or stiff effect to the hair after its been ironed.

So, we began by working diagonally around the head, so here with the irons you can see a lot of manufacturers now have thermostats its important to work with the temperature of the iron to suite the individual hair type and texture obviously a lighter texture of finer hair will suite a lower heat and vice versa for higher and heavier hair.

So, we are going to work diagonally around the front of the head by tipping the head over, as you can see the roots are straight so the irons are used to pull the hair out straight just simply to smooth and to refine the mid lengths and the ends of the hair. As we iron we just worked very lightly and allow the heat from the irons to do the work. Again not over stretching and over pulling the head this will cause the hair to go fly away and to jump on this.

So, just working very lightly there and allowing the heat to give us some nice shine and the finish on that surface that we are looking for. So from here we can proceed diagonally around the head and just keep clipping that hair back as we go in. At home its very easy to tip the head side ways run the clip through and clip it for yourself through easy tool and an easy trick to use when you are trying to manage it for yourself.

The other thing is a lot of people try to use the mirror sometimes this can make it more difficult its easier to work without the mirror sometimes and just allow the hair to fall and just know that you are catching it. Again main links through the mid lengths and focusing the heat of the iron in the very ends of the hair to get that nice smooth polish. So, when ironing hair the comb is used to make sure that the hair is flowing down through the plates cleanly as oppose to swinging across and bending accidentally.

So, just by following the comb with the irons it will help you get a smoother more polished result right through into the ends of the hair there. So, what I will now do is I will proceed right through into the back and then I come around and work for second side in exactly the same manner. To finish what you can do is you can work back over those ends and a nice way of doing that is to separate the hair and keep all of that hair together and then you have got a much bulkier ends in longer hair which enables the hair to hold in the irons and you get a nice finish right down to the bottom edge of your longer hair.

Really great little trick for making sure that the very ends are nice and smooth and nice and flat. So, here you can see how to flat iron natural hair.