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How To Flirt With A Guy And Make Him Like You

How To Flirt With A Guy And Make Him Like You

Flirting is a thing that all of us like to do, but here are a few tips for women to flirt with a guy, which will never go wrong.

I am going to share with you today how to flirt with a guy. The number one thing to remember is that as a girl, you want to be approachable to guys. This is what guys are looking out for when they want to flirt with someone, so being approachable means having open body language, having your chest open, your shoulders back, sitting quite tall, having a nice smile on your face, and also looking approachable in what you wear.

So, if you are wearing black and dark colours, a guy is not going to approach you as much if you are wearing light and something, which makes you look feminine. Also, wear something which makes you feel good, so it could be a pair of good trousers which show off your figure really well. A plunging neckline may be very attractive but it might not necessarily be what a guy wants to see when he is first meeting you.

When guys are flirting with women, they are looking for obvious signs so make sure that if he gives you eye contact, then you give the eye contact back and there is no doubt that you are interested. If you are miserable, guarded, or stand in anyway, guys are not going to approach you because they will be fearing the rejection from someone who is like that. What girls tend to do is they go out in packs of girls, which means that this makes it really hard for guys to approach them, so if you really want to flirt with a guy, make sure that you separate yourself from your group of girlfriends.

You can do this by going to the bath and being separate and giving eye contact to the guy you are interested in. Once you have shown interest in the guy, step up the flirting a bit and draw attention and make it known that you really are flirting. So, something which gives the signal that you are definitely interested and you are not just interested in him as a friend is to draw the attention to your neck area which is a very erotic area.

So, it could be just by gently touching your neck and could be by playing with your hair, could be by fiddling with your earrings. Guys like girls who don't take things too seriously, so lighten up a bit, laugh at his jokes, make some jokes yourself, maybe laugh or smile to show that you are not taking things too seriously. A great way to show interest in the guy you are with and to make him feel special is to complement him, but guys are not so interested of you complementing on their looks so complement them on some other achievements, so talk about the work they do.

You could say something like, ?You use a lot of energy to tackle your work and everything else you do in your life?. When you really want to give those signals of you are interested and you are flirting, make sure you are leaning towards the guy you are with so this could be a side on or it could be front on. Lastly, to show that you are really interested, try a supple touch.

The best place to do this is either on a man's forearm or on a man's shoulder because this is the least threatening place to touch someone. These are few ways of how to flirt with a guy. .