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How To Flirt With Boys

How To Flirt With Boys

Flirting is some kind of art and it's a thing that we all love to do. Here are some tips for girls to do it effectively.

Today, I am going to talk about how to flirt with boys. Number one, as a girl, is to be approachable. The number one reason why boys don't actually go up to girls is because they can look defensive, cool, or just not easy to talk to.

So, how do you look approachable? First of all, make sure that your body language shows that you are interested. So, if you are interested, body language is open, chest is open, you have got a smile, and you are not looking away or looking defensive or looking down as if you don't approve. Boys are looking for obvious things to approach you with, so they are looking for eye contact, so when they make eye contact with you, make it obvious that you are actually making the eye contact, not that you are looking away too much.

Never look miserable or guarded, boys will walk away from you and will not approach you. To really flirt with boys, make sure that you are close, looking feminine and also the way you look approachable. So, black is not going to make you look approachable, wear lighter colours and wear things that you feel good in, but be careful not to go too slutty, so a plunging neckline which shows off your cleavage may all be very well but, it is going to put off a guy who is initially approaching you and initially flirting with you.

One of the most important things for girls to do when they are flirting with boys is to separate themselves from their group of girls. Boys will not easily approach a big group of girls or even a couple of girls can actually be intimidating. So, a way of doing this could be, you step away from your group of girlfriends, you go to the bath and then you make eye contact with the person you are flirting with.

Once you have got those boys interested, start to do things which show that you really are flirting. Say something to show that you are very interested, but which is not too over-the-top is to draw attention to your neck area, this is a highly erotic area, so touching your neck, playing with your hair, maybe touching your earrings will show that you are interested. Something which boys really love in a go is a girl who does not take him seriously, so lighten up, laugh, show that you are not taking things too seriously, laugh at his jokes, maybe make a few jokes yourself.

When you want to grab a boy's interest, think about actually complementing him and a great thing to do with boys is actually to complement their achievements, not their looks, so it might be something along the lines of ?You must have a lot of energy to manage your work and all your interests?. When you want to opt for flirting a bit more, make sure you are leaning towards that boy, show that you are really interested. It might not be that you are leaning your whole body, but even leaning a side of your body shows that you are interested.

Lastly, the way to really flirt and show that you are interested is with supple touch. Now, don't overdo this by grabbing him somewhere, maybe just touch his forearm which is a very unthreatening place or even lightly touching his shoulder. These are my tips on how to flirt with boys. .