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How To Flirt With Men

How To Flirt With Men

Are you an Ice Queen, a dominatrix or a minx? For tips on how to flirt with men watch this film & take the Videojug quiz.

Step 1: Appearance

You want to make a good first impression on your man. Should you leave:
A. A little to the imagination
B. A lot to the imagination
C. Nothing to the imagination

Step 2: Eye contact

You are sizing up your man. Should you look:
A. Quickly at him, look away, then look back
B. In the opposite direction
C. Intently at him without blinking for at least 5 minutes

Step 3: Body Language

You would like to use your body to express your interest in your man. Should you look:
A. Interested and approachable by mirroring his posture
B. Unattainable by crossing your arms
C. Easy by doing a few thrusts

Step 4: Conversation

You are about to interact verbally with your man. Should you say:
A. A little, but listen attentively and ask questions at appropriate moments.
B. Not much and ignore his attempts to talk to you
C. A lot and ignore his attempts to run away

Step 5: Touch

You are now getting closer to your man. Should you touch:
A. His arm briefly and gently to break the personal space barrier
B. His wallet
C. Him all over and grab his groin.

Your Results:

Mostly Bs – The Ice Queen. Turn up the heat and give the guy a chance, lady! If you don't thaw out soon you're going to be left out in the cold….

Mostly Cs – The Dominatrix. Wow you know what you want and nothing's going to stop you – not even his lack of interest. Remember it doesn't count if the consent isn't mutual...

Mostly As – The Minx. Congratulations! You know all the right moves… You're subtly approachable without being over keen. Go girl!

Good luck flirting with your man.