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How To Float A Ping Pong Ball In The Air

How To Float A Ping Pong Ball In The Air

Learn something new with a simple and whacky experiment! David from Science Boffins defies the laws of gravity for VideoJug with this ten second trick, showing you how to float a ping pong ball in the air.

Step 1: You will need…

  • a hairdryer
  • a ping pong ball

Step 2: AIM

The aim of this experiment is to make a ping pong ball float in the air

Step 3: METHOD

Plug in a hair dryer and turn it on.

Hold the hairdryer so that its nozzle is pointing upwards and place the ping pong ball in the airflow. The ping pong ball hovers over the hairdryer.


Why did this happen?

The pressure inside the stream of air generated by the hairdryer was lower than the air swirling around it. This surrounding air pushed on all sides of the ball, which held it inside the hairdryer air stream.

Gravity stopped the ball from flying straight up into the air.

When hairdryer is tipped to a certain point the ball falls down. This is the point at which gravity was exerts a greater force on the ball than the air pressure does.

A similar effect can be produced with a straw and a malteser. Place the malteser on the straw, and blow.

Experiment Complete!