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How To Fold A Ballerina Napkin

How To Fold A Ballerina Napkin

Napkin folding is a beautiful art. This video teaches you one of the many forms of nakin folding - the beautiful 'Ballerina' fold by Luigi.

Hi, my name is Luigi. What we are doing today here is a demonstration of the napkin that comes from my book, "Luigi's Language of Napkin Folding". What we are doing now is called 'The Ballerina' - this design is to celebrate the life of Princess Diana.

You take a napkin and you just fold it into half and to half again now. Then you take the bottom part of it, you got there is a segment that seems like a sail in a way go through your next segment that you got the four points here. Now those four points actually are compared to the sail, actually turns over now.

Princess Diana was actually the patron of the London Royal Ballet, I wasnt allowed to call it Princess Diana because of the copy rights so you actually take the section and you fold it in here then take these two points in here and fold it underneath like this, and see now again you fold this like that this time the actually little trick is put your little finger there you take each one of those, and fold it down and you dont need to straighten it. It is quite nice as it is and this is called 'The Ballerina'.