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How To Fold A Elf Boot Napkin

How To Fold A Elf Boot Napkin

Learn how to fold a napkin into a whimsical elf boot or Cinderella slipper to add that special detail to any dinner table. This simple and easy trick will surely impress your friends to your attention to detail!

So what we do is take a napkin and fold it into the center. Then take the other and fold it into the center again. And then this, we fold this to the center.

Now we take this section and bring it down here. And the other section. You have to make certain that one side, or your left hand side, is actually a little bit longer than the other and you will understand the reason why.

Then you make an indented point, a triangle, and the other one again. You need to go to the point in here or otherwise you won't be able to turn it over. In fact, let a finger slide in there before you actually turn it over.

And now, you have the beginning of the Cinderella slippers. Okay, for the elf boot, we take this section and we go over here like this. And this is why the other one is slightly longer, because the other one has to go inside there.

You see? Now this is the elf boot. Now I'll quickly do the Cinderella slippers. I'll do it on this side so you can see what I'm doing.

So the longer one should be on the right, not on the length. Put the finger in here. As you can see, you close it in again.

And you do exactly the same as we did in that one. Put it in there and that we tuck inside there. As you can see, it's identical.

This is ideal, really, for a party for the lady and gentleman. But with the slippers, we take this and fold it down. This is the finished article.

What we got here is the Cinderella slipper and the elf boot. Ideal really for the party, for the lady and gentleman. .