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How To Fold A Lily Napkin

How To Fold A Lily Napkin

Fold a cloth napkin with maestro Luigi. Learn royal folds with these simple steps and fold a napkin into a lily. You can have a napkin style like the ones used by royalty within minutes.

Hi, my name is Luigi and I am the maestro on the art of napkin folding. What we are doing today is an illustration on the napkin which come from my book, "Luigi's Language of Napkin Folding". We'll be doing now today is the iron lily.

It's also known as the Fleur de Lily, and this is used at Buckingham Palace and they call it the three feathers. This is the real napkin that they use for when dinners and royal banquets. So you take a napkin then you fold this in triangle, then you take this point then you bring it up to that level, as such, then you take the left point and then you bring it up to that level, as such.

You're going to have a point in here. It will help to have a square napkin, of course. Now having done this, you take this section in here and bring it up to three quarter, like that.

And then you will take this section and bring it down. You hold it then turn it over. This is the point where you actually have to tuck in.

In order to tuck in you need to create the pocket. And if I take this section in here and fold it this way as you can see I have a pocket, there. Then I will take this section and tuck in that pocket.

If this is too long it's in the way, never fold it this way, because when it opens up it actually make the napkin to fall over. Fold it in the inside so it can come to the center. Then you take this section then tuck inside here.

Can go around with this one. Now whenever you make a cylindrical napkin, you always have to put your hand inside there and hold your bigger thumb. This way you can actually lift it up without falling apart and you can actually create what you want out of it as you can see.

Now, they call it the tree feathers because it also can be done, used this way. But the one like is you take this section and you fold it inside there, and you take the other section and fold it inside there and then you make a little delta in there. Put in on a plate and there you have it.