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How To Fold A Lotus Napkin

How To Fold A Lotus Napkin

Want to impress you dinner guest with a touch of elegance and refinery. Learn how to create the Lotus napkin fold, also known as the Water Lilly, from a master. This fold has many uses for adding that certain charm to your dinner table

Hi, my name is Luigi, and I'm the maestro on the art of napkin folding. What we doing today is a demonstration on the napkin which come from my book "Luigi's Language of Napkin Folding". What we doing now is the Water Lilly.

Now the Water Lilly is a classical fold, which is also known as the Lotus. Now the classical way, there is two folds, the classical and Luigi's way. What we doing today is the, actually, Luigi's way of doing the Water Lilly.

Okay, you take a napkin, and as you can see you've got a beautiful napkin here which I've been, was able to acquire as a sample. The napkin is ideal for this particular fold. Now, so you take this section and you go to the center.

Again, you go to that center. Again to the center. Now you are taking, once again .

. . as you say before we use a knife and we had to make certain you get to the point, but you can always use the palm of your hands.

This is the ideal fold also to be used for putting fruit on the table or even to put a candle on table, but if you use it for the candle you have to make certain you got on goggles on the inside or if it's Christmas use some nuts inside to prevent the candle to fall over. So we done it twice on one side now we put our hands in the center and turn it over. So you need to remember that it is twice on one side.

Now we fold it this to the center again. Now the classical way is you should have finished like this. this is Luigi's way; you fold this again, and again, and again, and again.

Now you turn it over. You actually have going here a beautiful fold that you can use for . .

. You can use it for holding this, you can even use put a flowers in here or a candle. Actually ideal, this is ideal for candles because at least you got a base for it.

However, there you are you see, however we are going to carry on with what we are going with the Water Lilly. So we take this back again put it to the side. So, we take this section here and we move it down completely.

You can see that should really come out. And this other one in here again. And this one.

Looks quite nice as it is like that, actually, come to think of it. Another alternative way of doing it. Now, we turn this over, and we open these.

And again you've got something which can be used. In other words this is a very versatile fold, that you can do so many combination of it. But we're going to carry on with the Water Lilly.

So you take this away. You get hold of a plate, and put a plate in the center, okay? You take these pieces here. And when you actually pull this up, the best thing is to pull this up opposite way, in other words this one number one, number two, number three, and number four.

Okay, so what we do is we pull this one up. And then we take the other one. If you're using this for fruit you may leave the plate inside it.

What I'm going to use it for these. Put a few leaves in here. And that's the Water Lilly.