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How To Fold A Mitre Napkin

How To Fold A Mitre Napkin

How To Fold A Mitre Napkin: Not everybody knows the wonderful art of folding napkins. In this video, the maestro of napkin folding art, Luigi, shows you how to fold a napkin MITRE.

Hi my name is Luigi and I am the maestro on the art of napkin folding. What we going to so today is a demonstration on the napkin which come from my book "Luigi's Language of Napkin Folding." Now this is called MITRE, and is also known as Bishop's MITRE and the crown, often used for roller fashion which is very simple to do and you can actually do these quite a few in advance and store it in to box or something.

Now we take a napkin and just fold it in half. And you take the section in here OK and you bring it down this way. Pick up section in there and go down that way.

So now this is the tricky part that often people make mistake make sure that you have got that line and this line with your body. You take this section here and bring it up this way. And then what is do is you can make this go across there but it is not important.

Then you think of line across here in middle so you take this and you fold it over and than you go up this way so that you have got he beginning of the MITRE. Now think a line across here like line across there so you take this section and fold it in half and tuck it inside there than you turn it over and you do exactly the same you go line across there you take that and tuck that inside there. Now this not as the size of ideal fold to do in advance because you can actually store it.

Is also ideal also for party when you can actually use it as a mystery gift inside. Let me just give you one example. How about that one, see? So when the guest comes, opens up and sees his gift.