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How To Fold A Rose Napkin

How To Fold A Rose Napkin

Napkin Folding is a wonderful art to learn which is now disappearing. This video teaches easy steps in how to fold a rose bud napkin.

Hi, my name is Luigi and I'm the maestro in the art of napkin folding. What we have today is a demonstration on the napkin which comes from my book, the Luigi's Language of Napkin Folding. What we are doing now is a rose bud.

It is also known in the classical term as the lazy butler, but of course, this is my version. You take this section in here and you just draw over the center this way, and you take the other section and you come down. Now, so far, so good.

And I think I'll better come down a little more bit, so I will go ahead with that. So therefore, that's the center. Now then, this point in here, the center point, we need to create a point something like this, and here, you take this section and you take it to that center there.

Now then, you turn this over and you bring this section and turn towards the center. This has to come some more over here and the same on this side. This little piece in here, hanging over, is a surplus requirement.

You can tuck that underneath and that on the same. You need to bring this section up to here and that one up to there. Here we are, this way.

No need to make a point there. And this way. Now, this is the point where you need to tackle in the next section, what I am going to do is hold the plate, just a second.

Okay, so now what we are going do is I am going to turn this over and now, what I am going to do is I am going to use that point to turn to that way. And you can see we have got a pocket here, so I am going to turn that inside that pocket. Whenever you hold a napkin, the best thing is to hold by the press of your thumb because now, what we have got is a rose bud.

This is equally nice on this way or even on that way. But I prefer the other way, so I am going to turn it around this way.