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How To Fold Animal Napkins

How To Fold Animal Napkins

In this tutorial,the master of Napkin Folding shows us an example of a Napkin Angel fish from a collection of his book 'Luigi's Language Of Napkin Folding.' It is a very lucid explanation and video which gives us beautifully made animal napkins.

Hi,my name is Luigi and I'm the maestro on the art of napkin folding. What we are doing today is a demonstration on the napkin which comes from my book, 'The Luigi's Language of Napkin Folding'. Okay now then,what we are doing now is the Angel Fish.

In the book, there are several fishes that you can use, more or less the same methods,so because the napkin is very large, we need to make the napkin smaller. We now have a smaller napkin so now we need to fold this napkin into half and what we need to do now is to create a crossover. It is difficult to do it from that side but if I can actually show you what I'm doing, okay, this is what I'm doing so you will see it when I finish but that is to give you an idea.

So you take the section and you bring this one right up to there, think of a line like this, cross here and a cross there up to there. Now let me just show you, then what you do is you turn it over and you do exactly the same, you bring that up to that area. And what you have now is exactly what you saw on the paper,that's the profile and this is actually called Triangle CrossOver in the book.

Now then, having done this, you take this section here and you got to point this section and bring down to the center. And that one this way. Now you have got the Angel fish rather large so what you can do to make it smaller, little bit smaller? So what we do now, you turn it over again and you bring this, this way and this section of it, you have to tuck it inside or just leave it outside.

I prefer it should go inside so when I turn it over, it will not fall out. Then you take this little thing you find from the garden center if you want to use a thicker pen, you create a little circle in there and now you have the Angel Fish. Using the same procedure that we did earlier on, we can actually do another fish which is called the King Fish into the book.

So I'll show you, you turn this over and if you remember we had this section. What we do is we turn this way and that way and we have got a King Fish. We can also stretch this further, have another fish which is exactly the same.

What we do now is take this away and having done this, we bring this down and there is a different version of the king fish.