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How To Fold Bikes

How To Fold Bikes

Everything you need to know to make your commute easier on the environment. Learn about portable, folding bikes, how to set up and take down the easiest model. There is no better and easier way to get around town than with a folding bike!

Hello, my name's John from On Your Bike in London. I've been a bike mechanic for 12 years. I'm going to show you a few things about bikes, things like selecting a bike and setting it up so it's the correct size and a few maintenance tips as well.

This is how to fold a folding bike. This particular model here is called a Bronson and you'll find these are very popular and they fold together with only two locking mechanisms. They're nice and portable if you're on the train, or something like that, you can just tuck them where you're sitting, something like that, fairly easy to transport and also at work and things like that you can use it.

I'll show you how it unfolds. Let's start off with the handlebars, and it has one locking mechanism on there. The actual seat holds these parts together.

If I raise these, you'll find it unfolds, and that's the front connected, wind that together. Get your seat in the correct position, now sit on top of your bike, ready to go. And then to fold it is exactly the same, you undo that, move that down, and this part then, goes underneath, and then the seat goes down and that locks in position.

Then finally the handlebars undo and then you have a nice, portable bike, just to take around to ride with you. And that's how to fold a folding bike. .