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How To Fold Easy Origami

How To Fold Easy Origami

With just a couple of folds, learn to make a very simple origami drinking cup. It can be used as a container for almost anything.

My name is Origami Mark, you can contact me on my website, which is origamimark.co.uk.

With this little clip, what I'm going to show you is some very simple origami that takes no folding at all. Here, we have a Polar Bear, in a snowstorm. We can move on to another model that I made earlier, this is a black cat in a tar hole.

And the other thing you can do with Origami, is do this, and if you screw it up tight enough, you finish up, with an atom. If you then unravel this, and fold away the corners, you have a puppy. But, on a more serious note, what I'm now gonna do for you is show you how to make something that's actually useful and very simple, and that is an Origami paper cup.

You can use this, it will hold water, it's pretty water tight, it's sealed at the bottom, and it can be used as a drinking vessel, or a container for almost anything you can think of. For this purpose, we're going to use this piece of paper, red on one side, and yellow on the other. If you want a yellow cup, fold the yellow on the inside, fold the model- the paper in half.

It's hardly a model at this stage. I actually used this in anger, not too long ago, There was a little girl on the tube who was - had a bag of sweets. And she wrestled the bag of sweets open, and the whole thing exploded in her hands.

fell to pieces.

She had sweets everywhere. She was in tears. So I quickly pulled out a piece of origami paper and within a couple of seconds, she had a little container, like this.