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How To Fold Fitted Sheets

How To Fold Fitted Sheets

How To Fold A Fitted Sheet: Folding a fitted sheet can be a challenge, this video shows you simply how to fold one of any size so that it ends up tidy and neat for the linen cupboard.

Hi. I'm Amy and I'm a visual merchandiser in John Lewis here in Oxford Street. Today I'm going to show you how to fold a fitted sheet.

Now firstly a fitted sheet is a sheet which has elasticated edges which is used to pull over the corners of a mattress to keep it in place. Now this is the trickiest one to fold as it has elasticated edges it puckers and it can pull. So I have a partner to help me fold.

Now you do require a second person with you because it can be quite difficult, especially if you're folding a double or a king size. Now what you need to do is just pull the duvet out and get the edges leaving the elasticated parts in the middle. Now, with your partner pull one side in to meet the other corner, so it folds in half.

Then, bring the sheet to your partner, one person takes the top and the other pulls out the bottom. Just make sure you try and keep all the edges nice and neat. And once again bring it in and all the edges together.

Now, just need to lay it out nice and flat, this is where it becomes slightly more easy and more manageable. We just bring it in half once more and depending on your storage space you can fold it again. And if you are displaying it where it can be seen just keep all the folded edges to the back so we create one nice fold.

And that is how you fold a fitted sheet. .