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How To Fold Paper Napkins

How To Fold Paper Napkins

Napkin folding is an art in itself that can be fun and interesting. This skill is very easy to learn and can add real value to any occasion. This video shows you some simple techniques and ways of folding a napkin.

Hi, my name is Luigi, and I am the master in the art of napkin folding. What we are going to do today is illustrations on the napkin, which come from my book, Luigi's Language and Napkin Folding. Boundary Napkin, comes already folded in four, paper napkin always comes already folded in four.

What we are going to try to do in here is do the simple napkin that exists. It is very simple in a way because, you just take a napkin like this and you always, as it is very very commonly done on the table, you fold this into half as you can see. Now, everybody in the world knows how to do this napkin, what nobody knows is that this napkin can actually become a piece of art by just lifting it and placing this way.

In order to do this, we shall see, again we have one paper napkin, it comes already folded as you can see, so what we do now is that, actually take the napkin and we open it this way. We take the right corner section and we bring it down towards the middle, we take the other section and bring it down again and you got yourself a triangle. Now, this is very simple because all paper napkins actually takes very little time to do it, now you take this section and you just bend this way and then you take the other section and again this way.

When you are done, you close it and then you have to open it again. Look at what we have got again, we have got a paper napkin, as you can see it's already folded, so what we do is we take the very first part of the napkin and we fold it downward and then we go up again by creating a little bend. This is across there, then we take the section that we just did and put it inside.

Now, this is ideal for when we actually want to use buffet for one fork buffet or for a Chinese meal. So you take this and turn it over, then you take left hand side or right hand side and fold it this way, and then again on the other side, you turn it over again and you actually have created a pocket. You can either use it for a fork or you can just use it for, as I just said, for Chinese sticks.

I won't put it on the plate because it is white against white. What we do with this, again a pocket and we have again a paper napkin and we open the paper napkin completely. And we just fold it this way, right, we have to make certain that the length of the napkin is the size of the knife.

Then, we take the intersection in here and just re-fold it down, this way. Having done this, we turn it over, then we fold it, the left hand side a bit and you can see, we have a pocket here and then we can the take right hand side. You can either leave like this or you just tuck it inside the pocket.

And we have got a diagonal pocket and this can be used for knife or fork.